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Do you want to sell a work?

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Do you want to sell a work?


Send us a Description Sheet of the work you wish to sell and give us your instructions by filling in the authorization form, the text of which is attached.

"Access the authorization to present a work for sale".

By sending this Description Sheet, you certify that you are the legitimate owner of the work offered for sale (sculpture, painting), that you authorize us to carry out, at our expense, the marketing necessary for its promotion, in full anonymity of your identity, with a view to identifying a buyer who satisfies your wishes, and that you agree, if and only if the sale is completed, to pay us a commission of 4% calculated on the sale price On receipt of your Property Details and descriptive photographs, we will carry out due diligence to ensure the authenticity of this information.

We will then inform you of the results of our checks before proceeding, if necessary, with the presentation of the work, its essential documentary data as well as the sale price, all without any indication of your name.

When we have identified a buyer who is likely to satisfy you, we will confirm this by sending you a message, but we will not tell you the buyer's name at this stage.

You will let us know if you agree to enter into a relationship with the buyer, in which case we will reply with the buyer's full details and offer email.

We will never interfere with the forthcoming sale unless you specifically request us to do so, and you are free to deal with the sale on terms to be agreed with the buyer, including retaining a price different from that initially communicated by you.

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