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It is only a short distance from the Mediterranean, in the Provençal countryside, that Simone has for years made a small cottage in the vineyards surrounded by olive trees, under the sun and among the cicadas, her painting studio.

Together with the surrounding hills, these are the essential sources of inspiration for his paintings.
The shadow of the Italian classics is never far away but her creations are modern, even avant-garde, which gives her her own style.

Her technique is made of volumes; she gives an impression of modelling. She paints as if she were sculpting.
Her paintings tell us about the mineral and dry life of certain Provençal landscapes, full of solitude under an omnipresent sun, but also about the intense life of fields overflowing with a nature rich in colours.
She knows perfectly well how to resituate the eternal authenticity of the Provençal landscapes and seashores in modern society.


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