Marchand d'art



"My paintings are like a conscious and unconscious extension of what questions and fascinates me: the quality of relationships between human beings and with oneself. A painting that does not judge, that delivers an invitation rather than a message.

An invitation to share as much as to introspect because my characters... are us.

Sébastien Arcouet.

A self-taught artist Sébastien Arcouet, originally from the South-West of France and a native of Marseilles for over 30 years, is a self-taught artist. Art is for him a driving force and drawing has guided him in his professional choices since childhood. A chemist by training and with a degree in Marketing, he worked for 17 years for a manufacturer of paints for artists in the south of France. This experience was a unique opportunity to learn every day about paints, techniques, in contact with many artists more or less known. His desire to paint landscapes was forged over time, like evidence. Today he affirms his choice to paint what he sees and not what he imagines, with his sensitivity, his interpretation, and his distinctive palette of bright tones. The power of nature, in the countryside as in the city, inspires him. This is what he wishes to express in his painting, with a dynamic gesture, like a notebook.


Also a shiatsu practitioner, self-publisher of a book dedicated to Marseille, technical advisor for an artistic paint manufacturer, co-founder of the online art gallery Galerie 1809, Sébastien Arcouet is a passionate entrepreneur who makes his pictorial work evolve according to his encounters. Attached to the West Coast where he has his roots and Marseille his adopted city where he has lived for thirty years, a recent collaboration led him to paint the Gers for a local magazine published in June 2021.


Pictorial work.

I mainly work with gouache, oil and acrylic, on kraft paper or canvas. Gouache allows me to paint every day in my drawing book on kraft paper, whether I am in my studio or outside, and then to reproduce these paintings in larger format with acrylic.