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If you wish to purchase a work, complete and sign this form before sending it to us.

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My choice is final and I wish to acquire the work designated below:

Unité monétaire

*  mandatory information

I hereby declare to The December Art Group my intention to acquire a work of art described briefly in the attached Description Sheet.

By this Description Sheet I expressly authorize The December Art Group, to undertake research in order to identify a Seller or an artwork satisfying my wishes without any mention of my name at first.

I certify in full responsibility, that this acquisition is made for my personal use and that I have the financial capacity to pay the price of the sale and the intervention commissions of The December Art Group.

I agree, if and only if the transaction is completed, to pay you a 4% profit commission calculated on the sale price before tax.

I have also taken note that when you have identified a Seller who is likely to give me satisfaction, you will confirm this by sending me a message, but not giving me his/her name at this stage.

I will then let you know if I agree to enter into a relationship with this Seller, in which case you will send me the complete details as well as a copy of his/her offer email so that I can contact him/her. If I do not accept this entry into relations, I will then let you know if I want you to continue your research or if I withdraw.

I have taken note that you will never intervene in the act of purchase-sale to come (unless expressly requested by me) and that I will be free to process this transaction according to the terms which I will agree by mutual agreement with the Seller, in particular by retaining a price different from the one I initially communicated to you.

I undertake to keep you informed of the various developments in the transaction and in particular of the payment of the price that I will have made to the Seller so that you can send me your intervention invoice, the amount of which excluding tax will represent 4% of the sale price. I commit to make this payment upon receipt of your invoice.

We have received your email and thank you for it.

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