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Born in Oakland (San Francisco) in 1969, to a painter-engraver mother and a polytechnician father, Rébecca Loulou lived in Montreal until 1995 where she studied Plastic Arts and Art History (DEA at the University of Montreal), then she perfected ancient painting techniques (oil and fresco) at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Art (Paris).


         In 2006, she started to paint more and more large formats (200×200 cm) and moved to Touraine to enlarge her working space, while continuing to travel during artist residencies (Palermo, Sicily in 2000, North India in 2000, Cluj, Romania in 2005, Montreal, Canada 2017).


         Loulou uses all the techniques at her disposal, to convey the images, textures, sensations specific to each project, each series, as a perpetual restart of discovery, improvement, travel in the universe of arts. Not worrying about fitting into one box or another, she also practises yoga and becomes a yoga teacher in 2012, writes a cookbook to get children to eat vegetables (Miam! Des légumes! Albin Michel, 2017), trains in magnetism (2010 to 2020), a birth gift that she perfects to also work on the cosmic energy that she projects in her works, like an alchemist of the etheric. In 2020 she passed her CAP in cooking, to create artistic dinners and performances around her exhibitions.


In her artistic practice, she is interested in subjects and techniques according to her inspirations, daily life and intimacy: boxes of objects on love (2005), Famous Women. A "Femmage" (not a tribute) to those women painters or sculptors, who have dedicated their lives not only to their art but to opening the doors of the professional art world to humans of the female gender. And as duality remains a rule on earth, behind these portraits are hidden those of the men in their lives, those who helped them... too.

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She has taught Plastic Arts in secondary schools (2008-2011, Indre), ancient techniques (2000 to 2010, watercolour, fresco, oil, tempera) in training courses, ancient techniques at the University (2000 to 2006, Marne la Vallée), drawing and mixed techniques to students of BTS visual communication and space design (1997 to 2008, Efficom, Paris), and has also produces posters and illustrations for the press (Verbe, 2000 to 2006, Loches 2006 to 2018) as well as film sets (Luxembourg 1998 to 2000) and theatre (2011 to 2016).


Her exhibitions travel between Paris (1998 to 2015) and Montreal (1993-2016), passing through the gardens of Perrusson (37) (2006 to 2018) and Tours (2019 to 2022).




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