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Why buy art nowadays.

"Anyone looking for something permanent should better invest in art."

Alan Greenspan

If you are trying to improve a private collection with artworks or an investor who wishes to protect asset, you will have to know the art market. Art investment has become a popular trend both in and outside of the art world as more and more people, some of which are not even particularly interested in arts, are investing heavily in emerging authors and pieces.

Regardless of whether you are a casual collector or someone with a little more ambitious plans, you will have to obey to the rules and principles when it comes to investing in art, the only thing that profoundly changes is the financial scale of the investments.

Why Consider Investing in Art.

A lot of people think they should be investing in art and they are right. Art sales in recent years easily passed the $60 billion mark, which was unimaginable a decade ago. Studies suggest that seventy-five percent of collectors and buyers are purchasing art for collecting purposes but are also keeping an investment aspect in mind. Furthermore, the same studies state that art is becoming an increasingly popular option for investors that do not even have a fondness for art. Why? It is because, unlike the case is with stocks or bonds, art provides investors with a tangible work whose value will remain even if the market takes a dive. It is a lot like owning a property in a neighborhood whose prices will never go down

There's another reason why people are intrigued by the idea of investing in art. In times of high and rising inflation, art has performed historically well across all the market's sectors. Furthermore, there is a prestige associated with art that will never change, even if the value deteriorates. A good indicator of how smart a move is to go after an art investment is that people in charge of modern finance strategies are suggesting their clients to always have 5-7% of their portfolios diversified into the art market.

Protecting and optimizing your asset with Art.

Protecting and optimizing must be taken by the intersection of fundamental data with the intrinsic value of a market. This fundamental information is only acquired through a set of precise contacts in named areas and the analysis of clear fundamentals on the demand for strategic commodities over time.

The growth in global demand for consumer goods, housing and telecommunications is increasing hour by hour. Europe and these facilitated exchanges increase the concentration on the big metropolises, China, India launches out in pharaonic projects in construction, energy, and data processing. The USA, always at the forefront of research in various fields, is amplifying an exponential consumer movement. The elimination of petroleum products puts regions already unstable ethically and culturally on a precarious path, increasing the risk of inflation by the same.

As we have just seen, inflation and the instability of world markets cause risks to be considered to protect you over time. Certain conveniences not only offer security by their scarcity, but also give you substantial remuneration in a professional manner.

The December Art Group through our international contacts appreciates and analyzes the movements, the quantities, and the demand vital to our economies putting in your hands professional working techniques so that you can benefit from tranquility on your legacy.

Vous avez un capital à investir dans l'art, si vous avez une œuvre d'art à vendre. Nous pouvons vous conseiller.

Mais dans les deux cas si achat ou vente se réalise The December Art Group facturera une intervention de 4% certainement de nos jours le plus bas du marché.

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