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The mysterious art panels of Notre-Dame de Paris

Coming to Paris and not visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral is a bit like going to the beach to eat a raclette ... it doesn't make sense!

And to be able to visit the great lady, you will have to pass through large doors, fittings we don't necessarily pay attention to since… they are open!

And yet ...

I cannot invite you too much to take a very careful look at these fittings, and more precisely at the fittings that adorn them from top to bottom.

Certainly, the queue of tourists is long behind you and you may hear a few groans of dissatisfied but take a few seconds to watch the masterpieces of ironwork that are these floral arabesques, these chiseled acorns and these animal heads ...

… And ask yourself for a moment how did a man achieve such a feat?!?

According to legend, the fittings of the leaves of Notre Dame are indeed the work of one man: Biscornet ...

finally, from Biscornet alone… that remains to be seen!

Biscornet was a very talented young ironworker apprentice from the 13th century whose talent was such that his fittings seemed molded. With his reputation, he was responsible for making iron panels bolted to the leaves.

At that time, to become a master in his art, apprentices had to make a masterpiece ... the opportunity was perfect for Biscornet!

However, despite his genius, the fellow struggled to complete his task. He devoted himself to it night and day, but nothing satisfied him. Notre dame's doors deserved nothing less than the exceptional and Biscornet couldn't do it!

Terrified and fearing for his reputation, it is said that one evening he threw his tools at the fire of despair, shouting "To hell! "

And the Devil appeared ... He agreed to help him but in exchange, as for each pact he sealed, he would take his soul.

The young ironworker tried to defend himself, begging Lucifer to understand that his cry was not a call but a simple anger…. The devil did not want to hear anything ... they got angry and came to fight ... and Biscornet lost consciousness.

When he woke up, the door fittings were ready; absolutely magnificent, both fine and strong, all curved ... exactly like what he had dreamed of for the Cathedral.

But the price to pay for these arabesques, however grand, was high and Biscornet wanted to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, at that moment, master locksmiths came to visit him, who were ecstatic about the work accomplished.

Biscornet was literally paralyzed and did not deny having made these hinges.

The ornamentation of the leaves of Notre Dame was organized with great fanfare but ... Hic!

When they turned, they stubbornly refused to move.

Only the main door, the one through which the Blessed Sacrament passed, opened properly. This one, the devil had not dared to touch it.

Those used by the faithful remained closed: the devil no doubt hoped to discourage Christians from going to pray.

They had to be sprayed with a large quantity of holy water before the doors finally started to move on their hinges.

Biscornet when he never had to account he was found dead a few days later, no doubt having to "honor" the debt which was involuntarily his for the realization of these leaves ...

Photo : Paristoric

Source : parciparla

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