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Rebecca Loulou. The tree of wisdom.

Rebecca Loulou. The tree of wisdom.

The December Art Caritative.

The Tree of Wisdom, a sculpture of 200x70x70cm, made of various materials (wood, clay, plaster, polymers, black acrylic paint) which belongs to the collection of contemporary artworks of the Conseil Départemental D'Indre et Loire and is installed in the deliberation room of the Council.

It refers to the current global fires and more generally to the climate emergency that politicians should take into account in their various deliberations during council meetings. Very discreetly, at the foot of the tree one can see an owl visible in black light, which recalls by its symbolism, the duty of wisdom that should be proper to any decision for human groups. Like a subliminal message to the eyes of the rulers,

by Rebecca Loulou.

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