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After more than a decade in London, Madrid and Marseille. I live and work on the Atlantic coast. 

I paint in oil for its pigments and transparency. And I work in series.

Cosmos, Tropical and Luxuriance are my main series.


They are all interconnected, intertwined with each other. Their content, form and ontology refer to the main idea of my work, which is based on the interconnection and rediscovery of the invisible.

From the infinitely large to the infinitely small. I wish to celebrate the interconnectedness of the living and the entanglement of life on our planet and beyond. Cosmology and quantum physics are also sources that feed my work.

The Living and the Dream are essential elements.


Colour always plays a predominant role because colour is energy, waves deployed in space that have an impact on all living things. I work with oil, for its pigments and its transparency which allows me to work layer after layer, obtaining vaporous compositions in movement. The forms and elements move on the canvas.


This is particularly the case for my series "Luxuriance" and "Cosmos", whose paintings are floating, almost suspended. My work can be found in private collections in the UK, France and the USA. 



Collective Show: ArtBox Project Gallery for Miami Art Week, December 2019.

Collective Show: L'Art sous les Pavés, Salle royale de la Madeleine, Paris. December 2017.

Solo Show at Passage des Antiquaires, Les Passions de Tom, at Versailles (10 March-02 April 2017)

Solo Show "Dreams and escape II". June 2011, France (Royan).

Solo Show "Dreams and Escape". 3/11/2010- 03/12/2010. Oxford House Gallery, London, Uk.

Collective exhibition. "Showcase". 07/2008. The1001, Brick Lane, London.

Collective Show, Galerie EnApARTé, La Rochelle (Décembre-Janvier 2022).



2021: Published article and cover of Somers'HouseZine English Art Magazine.

2020: * Interview for HONNE Magazine (Sept.):

2019 : *Article for Create Magazine Blog (March)

2018: Quoted in SAATCHI curated Art Collection (Artist Recognition)

2017 : * Article and interview Wotisart Magazine online (June).

* Article and interview Average Art Magazine online (June).

* Interview for Vidici Magazine (April; p.56-p.57) 2016 :

* Interview for LandEscape Art Review by curators Katherine Williams and Josh Ryder (p.136-p.161).

* Interview for RiotArt Gallery

* Publication Art Catalogue EXHIBOKS, Vol.I (2016)

* Article in WhoKnows Magazine 2015:

* Interview in Shaw Creative

* Publication in Shaw Creative Catalog, No.1 (p.45-48): 2012:

* Publication in International Catalogue of Modern Art, CIDA (p.226) 2010:

* Interview on my solo exhibition in Bangla News, London newspaper (26/11- 02/12/2010) (p.15).

* Interview with Emdad Rahman for his blog.



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