Marchand d'art



Jean David Mouveau was born in St Germain en Laye on 17 January 1972.


His father, Antoine Mouveau (1938/1989), from a family of Châtelain, owner of the castle of Bridoré in Indre et Loire, was a passionate collector of paintings and valuable antique objects, he made his profession as an antique dealer.

Pierre Mouveau, his grandfather was a painter and book illustrator (see Catalogue Raisonné), Simone Mouveau, his grandmother, née Lefevre was also a painter (see Catalogue Raisonné), they met in the studio of the painter Paul Albert Laurens in the 1930's at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Georges Mouveau, his great-grandfather, was chief decorator of the Garnier opera in Paris, a painter of passion (Catalogue Raisonné). He was one of the founders of "La Société des Apaches": a French artistic group formed around 1900 and composed mainly of painters, musicians and writers. Composed of Maurice Ravel, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Delage, Paul Sordes....


His mother, Catherine Mouveau Berthon, was born into a bourgeois family whose grandparents' main activity was the textile industry in Roubaix and Lyon for silk. Her father, a chief engineer of water and forests and rural engineering, was also a painter, he painted and illustrated children's stories that he invented, the setting was often the forest and the history of the animals that inhabit it, he often told his brood of 8 children his personal stories, he also wrote and illustrated stories from the Bible and religion.

Jean David has lived and therefore known the pictorial history of his families from a very young age, he is passionate about painting: "It's simple, since I was very young, I accompanied my grandmother whenever I could to paint. We lived 500 metres from my grandparents' castle, and I would carry her equipment, her easel, her oils, her brushes, and sometimes I would act as her model; she would explain to me what she was doing, how to obtain a colour, the perspective... At home there were paintings everywhere, it was my world.


Later, as a young adult, Jean-David took up painting; from one day to the next he was very productive and his personal art was non-figurative: he played with shapes and colours and gradually reached an excellent level. He recently painted a story about Covid and its patients, before, during and after, and he continues on this pictorial path with great assiduity and passion. Over the years he has become a true connoisseur.