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Marchand d'art


If you wish to sell a work, complete and sign this form before sending it to us.

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* mandatory information

I, the undersigned, in my capacity as Seller of the work referred to in references, certify that I am the legitimate owner of the work offered for sale and that it is authentic.

I authorize you to publish it on your website and its promotion in order to identify a Buyer who satisfies the wishes I have expressed in the Description Sheet.

I agree, if and only if the sale goes through, to pay you a 4% profit commission calculated on the sale price.

I have taken note that upon receipt of this Description Sheet, you will undertake prior checks to ensure the authenticity of the information it contains and that you will let me know the results of your checks before proceeding, if necessary. appropriate, to the publication in your Catalog of a photo of the work, its essential documentary data as well as the sale price, all without any indication of my name.

I have also taken note that when you have a buyer who is likely to satisfy me, you will confirm it by sending me a message, but keeping their name with me at this stage.

I will then let you know if I agree to enter into a relationship with this Buyer, in which case you will send me the complete details as well as a copy of his offer email so that I can contact him. If I do not accept this entry into relations, I will then let you know if I want you to continue your research or if I withdraw.

I have taken note that you never intervene in the deed of sale to come (unless expressly requested by me) and that I will be free to process this sale according to the terms which I will agree by mutual agreement with the Buyer, in particular by retaining a price different from the one I initially communicated to you.

I undertake to keep you informed of the various developments in the transaction and the payment of the price that I will have received from the Buyer so that you can send me your intervention invoice, the amount of which excluding tax will represent 4% of the price agreed with the Buyer.

I commit to make this payment upon receipt of your invoice.

We have received your email and thank you for it.

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