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Whether you already have an asset base of financial products, signed furniture, jewelry, works of art, or have just made the decision to budget for such an asset base, the following may be useful to you.

You may want to consider taking steps to better protect your assets from loss of value, but you may also want to consider making them more profitable.

Protect your assets.

All assets are exposed to erosion over time, to a greater or lesser loss of value due to the vagaries of stock market prices and commodity prices, but also due to currency inflation.

No asset is immune to these hazards: to say otherwise would be a lie.

At the same time, there is no effective way to protect your assets from these ups and downs: at most you can mitigate their effects.

To do this, you need to diversify your assets, spreading them between shares, bonds, financial products (life insurance) and real estate.

This advice is well known it is given to you by all good asset managers.

But most of them fail to suggest that you invest in works of art, more out of ignorance of the reality of this market than out of deliberate choice.

As you may have read in the previous chapter (Art strategy and Art culture) it is established that in times of high inflation Art is the most resilient asset compared to all other market sectors.

However, all economic indicators show that we are beginning to enter a period of significantly higher inflation rates.

It therefore seems obvious that you should consider reviewing the composition of your assets in the light of this inflationary risk and allocating your works of art as best you can within this composition.

We are in a position to provide you with the advice that will enable you to make the best decision, as fundamental information on the art market can only be acquired through a precise relationship in a named field and a clear fundamental analysis of this market.

The December Art Group through its international contacts can appreciate and analyze the artistic movements of the market, the demand and thus provide you with professional advice and research so that you can decide with confidence.

Make your artworks profitable.

The December Art Group is able to manage the file of an owner who would like to use this work of art as an asset to make a profit and thus obtain income.

This form of asset monetization is done without moving the work, without legal transfer of ownership and without pledging or collateral. However, this procedure can only be applied to works of considerable value.

There are very strict preconditions for this type of transaction and acceptance of a file is not automatic.

In order to consider the admissibility of such a request, the applicant must justify that the work he owns is authenticated by a recognized expert and covered by a valid insurance policy taken out with a company known to be solvent.

There are no other costs to be incurred.

The December Art Group will respond confidentially and in more detail to any enquiries you may have on this subject.

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