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Marchand d'art



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The art market has been going up for twenty years, the acquisition of art or its support are becoming a noble way to distinguish themselves.

Art remains an asset support our sponsorship allows young artists to exhibit and be part of contemporary movement of artistic expression through our European exhibitions and galleries. These concepts allow us to believe in a development of behaviour more refined over time and can only succeed.

Our actions within art, sponsorship and charity represent an art of life in harmony with our times. Holland's position in the art world has always been known and avant-garde. These liberal and humanitarian views have been an example for many years and its geographic and geopolitical location provides a solid basis for meeting cultural needs. The gallery is an exhibition space for works of art by renowned painter and sculptor and the starting point for new international talents.

It's no secret that economic development and the arts go hand in hand at the national and international levels. An American newspaper reported that:  "Although the arts and culture are sometimes marginalised and seen as a good" extra ", they are necessary ingredients to make communities attractive and dynamic places to live and work."

The December Art Group invites you to join us in these exhibitions.

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