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This artist who lives and works in the Paris region is inhabited by sculpture.
Her other passion is the human face, which she has always scrutinised and which obsesses her. 


After a professional foray into graphic arts, advertising and town planning ...... she returns to her first love: sculpture and her heads which she creates in clay, resin and bronze, working in series.

Don't look for smooth or conventional portraits, AnnMarie's heads are disturbing, sometimes extending into a neck or an embryo of a shoulder, sometimes into a body.

They are moreover deformed, with looks of great strength, the artist says she has been influenced by Bacon, Daumier, Jérôme Bosch... It is a consuming passion buried for many years.

Her way of making her revolution is not to cut off heads but to sculpt them directly without sketches, from memory or from the imagination.

A high-flying exercise in which this artist excels.

The Totems series, her latest creation, is offered exclusively to you.


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